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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Apr 11, 2017


In this episode, Tracey and Cayly revisit the subject of body image to flesh out some of the ideas they didn’t have time to fully explore on episode two of the podcast. Highlights include:


- Fluctuations in how we feel about our bodies

- Relationship between digestion and body contentment

- How our experiences with crossfit and weightlifting have changed how we feel about our bodies

- Shout out to Intrepid Athletics PDX

- What do the numbers (on the scale, on clothing tags) mean?

- Tracey gets double unders!

- Do Cayly and Tracey cover their gray hairs and why (or why not)?

-How does your body change as you age and how does this affect your contentment with it?

-How Tracey models healthy body image for her kids

-What happened when Cayly weighed herself for the first time in a year

-The longevity of our bodies

- And more!