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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

May 30, 2017

In today’s episode of the podcast, Tracey and Cayly are discussing self care, talking specifically about how true self care is often doing the things that are hard and not particularly comfortable — like paying your bills and having strong boundaries. They also address the question of how to practice self care amidst the less-than-awesome political climate currently dominating the news cycle in the U.S. If you’re bothered by the idea that self care is often reduced to a litany of massages, pedicures, and afternoons relaxing with a glass of wine, this episode is for you. Tracey and Cayly are calling bullshit on this very limited definition and are having a more nuanced conversation about self care. Highlights from this episode include:


- Examples of self care that go beyond massages and pedicures

- How your body’s stress response sometimes calls for a more active type of self care

- Why Cayly’s therapist recommended she start a boxing class

- Why self care is sometimes doing the hard thing

- Brene Brown and treating yourself like you love yourself

- The intersection between self care, self-compassion, and owning your crazy

- Asking for help as a form of self care

- Cayly’s definition of what the essence of self care actually is

- How do we take care of ourselves in the face of an overwhelmingly negative news cycle?

- Tracey tips for being politically involved and informed without losing your mind

- How saying “I don’t know” counts as self care and helps you build trust with yourself and with others

- All about naps and Cayly’s nap-related confession

- How self care improves our relationships and allows us to be more present for other people in our lives

- Cayly’s tip for determining what the most effective act of self care might be in any given moment

- How quitting something and/or changing your mind can be a form of self care

- And more!