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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Jun 7, 2017

What if the stories we believe about ourselves and the world aren’t true?

This week’s episode is an important one, y’all. We’re talking all about the stories we tell about ourselves and the world, and exploring the transformative power of questioning your assumptions, challenging your beliefs, and changing your story. We offer advice about how to begin this process of change, complete with a sweet visual aid courtesy of Tracey. Cayly also talks about how a recent episode of the podcast helped her to start shifting an outdated story in her own life. Other highlights include:


- The kinds of stories we tell ourselves

- Cayly’s current effort to challenge her inherent assumptions about herself and the world

- Our brains are designed to make meaning out of things

- Tracey’s old story and how she changed it

- How changing your story can be both liberating and terrifying

- The difference between comfort and familiarity

- How discomfort motivates change

- Worries about what other people will think when we decide to change our stories

- Tracey’s diagram for how the process of changing your story works

- How we filter our experiences through our individual histories and the stories we build around those histories

- How can you tell when you or someone else is ready to change their story?

- Cayly’s old story and how she moved out of it to create a new story

- How our stories can become our identities

- How we carry our stories in our bodies and how bodywork (i.e. acupuncture, massage, yoga, and chiropractic care) can help us let go of old stories

- Disease labels and how our stories affect our health

- Cayly’s experience of letting go of her identity as a depressed person

- How what Tracey said in episode 9 of the podcast (i.e. the one about manifesting) had a profound impact on Cayly

- And more!