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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Jun 27, 2017

Are you a small business owner, creative entrepreneur, or someone thinking about venturing out on your own soon? Then this week’s episode of the Curious & Curiouser podcast is for you.


Tracey and I are back with the conclusion of our conversation with Liz Winters of Sprout Wellness. Today, we are talking all about self-employment and exploring the question:  How do we define success and what does this really look like?


We might not have all the answers, but we do offer some insights into the pros and cons of running your own business, how to navigate the self-doubt that inevitability arises in this process, and the importance of building a network of other small business owners to support you through the ups and downs of working for yourself.


I really enjoyed this half of our discussion with Liz and hope you find it enlightening as well. Being surrounded by strong women who are kicking ass and taking names, taking risks and working on their own terms, has been essential for me as my business has grown and evolved over the years. My hope is that our openness about the joys and struggles we’ve faced on our journeys of self-employment will inspire others to take the leap and provide comfort for those of you who are on similar journeys in your own life.


Highlights from this episode include:


- The transition from working for someone else to being self-employed full time and how this looked for both Tracey and Cayly

- Taking the leap and the fear that arises

- Breaking out of the arbitrary 40-hr work week defined by our society and the anxieties that came up for Cayly in this process

- What does Tracey’s work week look like and how do other people perceive that?

- When you work for yourself, the work never ends

- Liz’s recent transition out of her full-time job into self-employment

- The importance of having your partner on board if you are a running your own business

- The pros and cons of working for yourself

- How we set boundaries between our work and non-work lives

- How Liz uses time-blocking to structure her work day

- How identifying your values is essential when working for yourself

- Why Tracey sometimes looks for other jobs as a way to alter her perspective and reaffirm her decision to work for herself

- Money and finances as a self-employed person vs. working for someone else

- Insurance benefits and buying your own coverage as a business owner

- Do you have to be 100% prepared before trying something new? Tracey’s feelings about being 60-70% ready and going for it.

- How having your own business accelerates self-growth

- Self-doubts that repeatedly arise for all of us in our businesses and how to navigate feeling overly responsible for our clients and patients progress

- Why you have to be ready for change if therapy, acupuncture, or nutritional counseling are going to be effective

- Benefits of using multiple modalities — call back to Episode 13 of the podcast

- Lael Peterson, LCSW (

- Importance of self care as a business owner — call back to Episode 11 of the podcast

- Why it is essential to surround yourself with other people who are taking the risk of running their own businesses, especially as a female business owner

- Intrepid Athletics PDX, where Liz coaches Cayly and Tracey in crossfit (

- And more!