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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Aug 1, 2017

Get ready for a little ranting from Tracey and Cayly on this week’s episode of the podcast. Because they were feeling a little feisty when this was recorded and eager to clear up some misinformation they recently heard from well known Crossfit coach, Ben Bergeron, regarding nutrition and body composition.


Which brings us to the overarching question(s) for today’s show:


How do you filter out not helpful information from so-called experts regarding fitness and health? And what’s the downside to the amount of access we have to a plethora of information about health, fitness, and nutrition on the internet?


This is gonna be good.


Tracey and Cayly start by debunking Ben’s claims about body fat percentage, call out the American Heart Association for distributing false claims about coconut oil, and highlight the inaccuracy and glaring biases that play out in the new Netflix documentary What The Health.


They’re also talking about the problems with internet “experts” and celebrity trainers, who are often handing out less-than-awesome advice regarding nutrition to millions of women around the world. The ladies then share their favorite, trusted resources for accurate information about health, fitness, and food, and talk about why neither of them are particularly interested in achieving a six-pack anytime soon.


Enjoy! And share this conversation (ahem, rant) far and wide, because the information presented here is important and is especially timely considering the start of the Crossfit games coincides with the release of this episode.


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Highlights from this episode:


- Misinformation in the the health and fitness realm on the internet

- Steph Gaudreau ( of Stupid Easy Paleo (

- Dear Crossfit ( on Practically Salad ( and some of the problems with how women’s bodies are talked about in competitive Crossfit

- Ben Bergeron ( on Chasing Excellence Episode 14 ( and what Ben said that made Cayly furious

- The dangers of having a body fat percentage that is too low, especially for women

- The difference between being an elite athlete and a recreational athlete, in the Crossfit community and otherwise

- American Heart Association assertion about coconut oil being unhealthy (

- Article by Diana Rodgers, RD on Sustainable Dish refuting the AHA’s stance on coconut oil (

- Whole 30 (

- Chris Kresser (

- Robb Wolf (

- Robb Wolf article about What The Health documentary (

- The importance of checking in with your own body instead of just trusting an “expert” opinion

- The problem with the government guidelines on diet and nutrition

- Cayly said on the podcast that Kayla Itsnes’ meal plan is based on 1200 calories a day, but it’s actually based on 1600 calories a day. Still not enough calories, y’all.

- Tracey’s experience following a meal plan given to her by a coach that was nowhere near enough calories for her given her activity level, etc.

- Noelle Tarr ( of Coconut and Kettlebells ( and the Paleo Women Podcast (

- Why I Don’t Want Six-Pack Abs by Noelle Tarr (

- Katrin Davidsdottir (

- Jamie Hagiya on Body Image (

- Why Cayly and Tracey don’t care about having six-pack abs either and why fat is essential to proper hormone balance for women

- Shout out to Intrepid Athletics (

- Episode 14 with Liz Winters about nutrition and body composition goals (

- And more!