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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Aug 22, 2017

Social decluttering:  Challenging, potentially awkward, and absolutely necessary.


If you enjoyed episode 4 of the podcast, you’ll love this conversation, in which Tracey and Cayly explore the question:  Does being your authentic self across all areas of your life organically weed people out?


They talk about social decluttering as it relates to dating, family, and — once again — friendships, and offer advice on how to gracefully exit a date, a relationship, or a contentious family situation.


They’re also discussing boundaries, authenticity, and self-knowledge as essential precursors to effective social decluttering, and the power of the “Fuck Yes” rule when determining what you really want.


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Highlights from this episode include:


- Episode 4 on Social Decluttering

- Why Cayly doesn’t like the word “authentic” but we’re going to use it anyway

- How do you know if you’re being your authentic self?

- Fuck Yes Or No by Mark Manson (

- Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers (

- Tracey’s advice for using the Fuck Yes test while dating

- Are you allowed to end a date early and leave?

- How Cayly and Tracey broke all the so-called dating rules when they first started dating their current partners

- Why Cayly believe you should talk about procreation early on in dating, especially if you're in your 30s

- Does being your authentic self mean being a kind person?

- The relationship between boundaries, authenticity, and kindness

- Is it ever ok to not be your authentic self to make a situation more comfortable? With family or at work?

- How privilege often allows us significantly more freedom to be our authentic selves — especially in a work environment — and makes us a responsible for speaking out against bigotry, racism, etc.

- Why Tracey and Cayly are so open about their beliefs as service-based business owners

- Grey couch people and giving yourself permission to disengage from a relationship

- Dan Savage ( and the Savage Lovecast (

- Cultivating your authentic self is a process

- How Tracey and Cayly started learning who their authentic selves are and what that looked like when they were younger

- And more!