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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Sep 5, 2017

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Tracey and Cayly are answering another listener question. Hooray!


Today’s question comes from our listener — and friend — Kate, who asks:


What do your spiritual lives look like today and how did you each get where you are today with regard to your spirituality?


We love this question! Thanks, Kate, for sending it in! We also thought that this topic of religion and spirituality would be a great follow-up to last week’s conversation, in which Cayly talked briefly about her experience of leaving the Mormon church as a teenager.


In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about Tracey’s spiritual background from childhood for the first time, Cayly will reveal more details about what happened after she left the church, and both ladies will talk about what their spiritual lives look like now.


Tracey also offers some great tips on how to talk to your kids about spirituality, God, and tough subjects like death, and she explains how she reconciles being non-religious with sending her kids to Catholic school. If you’re a parent, you won’t want to miss that part of the conversation.


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Highlights from this week’s episode:


- Some quick housekeeping:  Are you having trouble with sound quality? Let us know by emailing us at

- How did Cayly navigate spirituality after she left the Mormon church?

- Why Cayly identified so strongly as atheist for so many years

- How starting acupuncture school helped Cayly redefine spirituality for herself in very different terms

- The role the natural environment plays in Cayly’s spiritual life currently

- Did Tracey have a religious upbringing?

- Pop culture Christianity and Presbyterian preschools

- Tracey’s experience with Young Life as a teenager

- The polarization of “believers” and atheists

- How having a baby changed Tracey’s approach to spirituality and led to her discovery of Paganism and Humanism

- What is Paganism? What is Humanism?

- Why Tracey celebrates the winter solstice every year with her kids

- Why Buddhist philosophy speaks to both Tracey and Cayly

- Where do morals come from without religion to give them to us?

- How Tracey reconciles not being religious with sending her kids to Catholic school

- Tracey’s advice to her kids:  “Be a thinker.”

- What is the Bible? ( by Rob Bell (

- How Tracey explained Jesus to her son when he was 4 years old

- What happened when Tracey’s daughter asked if it was ok for her to believe in God

- Confession of a Buddhist Atheist ( by Stephen Batchelor (

- The role uncertainty plays in Tracey and Cayly’s spiritual lives today

- How engaging with your own mortality can enhance your spirituality and how Tracey talks to her children about death

- Spirituality as an experiment and the importance of checking in with your own body; How does it feel? Does it resonate?

- The importance of ritual and community

- School of Life ( and Alain de Botton (

- Death, Children, and Honesty on Tracey’s website (

- And more!