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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Dec 19, 2017

Oh hey! This week’s episode will be the last one of 2017.


What? I know! But Tracey and Cayly need a little vacation. Plus, this gives you time to catch up on all the episodes you missed these past several months so that you’re all ready for the new season starting on January 3rd of 2018.


To wrap up the year, Tracey and Cayly are talking all about New Year’s resolutions. Should you make them? Do they make them? Are resolutions actually helpful?


In this conversation, the ladies offer some advice on entering into next year on a positive note, explore some of the reasons resolutions don’t stick, and explore what you can do instead of setting resolutions that might actually set you up for success in the coming months.


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Thanks, friends! Happy Holidays! We’ll see you again on January 3rd!


Highlights from this episode:


- Do Tracey and Cayly make New Year’s resolutions?

- Tracey’s Winter Solstice tradition with her kids

- Intention-setting vs. resolutions

- How resolutions can set us up for failure

- Focusing more on feeling states vs. specific outcomes

- Cayly’s New Year’s ritual for the past few years

- Why Tracey and Cayly love ritual so much

- How identifying your values can enhance intention-setting

- Why the emotion or desired feeling behind a goal matters

- What was Cayly’s number one intention for 2017?

- The benefit of identifying hard things you have done — a callback to episode 21 (

- What are some things you did this year that the you of 2016 would be surprised to know you’ve done?

- Episode 16 about building confidence (

- How do Tracey and Cayly feel about resolutions regarding diet and exercise? Are they actually helpful?

- Why Tracey and Cayly are looking to cultivate more woo next year

- The Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. (

- Are spiritually and woo-ness mutually exclusive with science?

- How Cayly approached ritual and spirituality after leaving the Mormon church

- How Tracey created her Solstice rituals

- Incorporating fire into your rituals

- And more!