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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Jan 3, 2018

Think it’s too late to set intentions for 2018? It’s not! Every day is a good day for intention-setting, folks!


In this episode, Tracey and Cayly are following up on the conversation they had on their last episode of 2017, and talking in more detail about the kinds of intentions they’re both setting for this coming year. They also talk about the processes they’ve gone through to arrive where they’ve arrived, and the things they’ve found helpful along the way.


How do you set yourself up for success with intention-setting? How far is too far to push yourself outside your comfort zone?


These are the questions Tracey and Cayly are tackling this week. They also discuss the difference between intuition and fear and what to do before you set intentions.


So, if you’re still reflecting on 2017 and making some plans for the coming months, you are not alone! Tracey and Cayly are still very much working on these things themselves. And they hope this conversation provides some useful insights on how to set intentions from a place of self-compassion in order to set yourself up for success going forward.


- The value of setting a simple, attainable goal

- Your threshold for discomfort is different in different parts of your life

- Cayly’s intention-setting guide (

- Episode 40 on Rituals, Resolutions, and Woo (

- If you treated yourself like you love yourself, what actions would you take this year?

- The difference between fear and intuition

- Why you should reevaluate your intentions on a regular basis throughout the year

- It’s okay to change your mind

- Some tips on getting more sleep this year

- Why getting curious about yourself is essential to intention-setting

- Why it’s okay to ignore “conventional advice”

- Two things Cayly believes are important to do before setting new intentions

- What happened when Tracey finally sat down and went over the details of her finances?

- Mint for financial management (

- The benefits of a spending cleanse

- Identifying things you want to stop doing and things Tracey and Cayly would like to stop doing this year

- Why Cayly is going to stop using Facebook

- How forgiving yourself plays into intention-setting

- Setting intentions from a place of self-love

- Why incremental change is more effective than big, sweeping change

- And more!