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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Jan 17, 2018

What does it actually look like to change your story? What actions can you take to start writing a different narrative?


These are the questions Tracey and Cayly are addressing on this week’s episode of Curious & Curiouser. So, if you’re looking for some concrete advice about how to break out of an outdated story you’re telling in your own life, this conversation is for you.


You’ll also get some insight into the default stories Tracey and Cayly often find themselves coming back to, and the specific things they do to challenge those stories when they arise. Their stories are pretty universal, so it’s quite possible they’ll resonate with many of you as well.


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Highlights from this episode:


- Why is it so hard to change our stories?

- Do our default stories ever go away completely?

- Getting stuck in the family story when you go home as an adult

- Tracey’s oldest story about being fat and unattractive and how this is influenced by culture

- How family can contribute to this story about being unattractive

- How do we challenge our stories? What questions do we ask or tools do we use when our old stories come up?

- The relationship between our stories and deeply ingrained brain patterns

- The importance of taking the shame out of our stories

- Brene Brown (

- Cayly’s outdated story about being lazy

- Which comes first:  action or desire?

- What is the payoff for staying in your old story?

- Ask Polly by Heather Havrilesky:  Why Am I So Lazy? (

- How we can project our stories outward onto other people?

- How do Tracey and Cayly define lightbulb moments? Do they believe in instantaneous change?

- Why we should be skeptical about quick fixes

- Episode 12 about the Stories We Tell Ourselves (

- The silly thing Cayly does while she works out to help her change her story

- The downside to getting stuck in our own stories

- And more!