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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Mar 20, 2018

Episode 52: Why You Are Allowed to Feel Overwhelmed Regardless of Your Circumstances

Today’s episode is all about overwhelm. Specifically, Tracey and Cayly are asking the question:  Who gets to feel overwhelmed?


Are you allowed to feel overwhelmed if you don’t have children? Are you allowed to feel overwhelmed if you have a flexible schedule that you design yourself? Are you allowed to feel overwhelmed by things you love?


Short answer:  YES.


Listen in to hear Tracey and Cayly talk more specifically about their own experiences of overwhelm, why it isn’t helpful to compare your overwhelm to that of those around you, and how to discern between overwhelm that is the a choice and overwhelm that is an obligation.


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- A little lovefest between Tracey and Cayly

- Update on the chickens

- Comparing our overwhelm to others — kids vs. no kids, illness vs. health, working for self vs. working for others

- How we choose our own overwhelm

- It’s okay to be overwhelmed by things you love

- What can you stop doing to feel less overwhelmed?

- Is it okay to want and do less? How do we define enough?

- What does it mean if something we enjoy (i.e. a hobby) leaves us feeling overwhelmed?

- Tracey’s art ( & Cayly’s writing (

- On keeping commitments to ourselves in spite of overwhelm

- Episode on procrastination (

- Living in accordance with your values & how this can be overwhelming

- Can we do less without becoming complacent?

- Obligation vs. choice

- How to acknowledge someone else’s overwhelm without negating your own

- Self-compassion and empathy

- Episode on comparison (

- And more!



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