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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

Is it okay not to like people?


Tracey and Cayly are tackling this question in this week’s episode of the podcast, talking about their own experiences of not liking people and times they haven’t been liked by others. Tracey also offers some great advice on what to say to kids who are being excluded, and explains why she doesn’t think we should force kids to include everyone all the time.


This conversation is full of great insights, both for adults interacting with each other and for parents trying to help their kids navigate sometimes tricky social environments.



- What to do if you don’t like someone or you suspect someone else doesn’t like you

- Is it okay to not like your own children?

- What do you say to a child who is being excluded by his or her peers?

- Should we force children to include everyone?

- Tracey’s experience parenting a kid who was a little bit of an outlier

- How can we allow kids to find their own paths?

- Why it’s important for kids to get feedback about their behavior from their peers

- Episode about struggle

- Tracey’s thoughts on bullying

- Thoughts on feminism and playing the role of victim

- How to teach kids healthy boundaries

- Why Cayly wishes she had learned that it was okay not to be liked when she was younger

- What are some of the negative consequences of needing to be liked?

- And more!


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