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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Apr 4, 2018

This week, Tracey and Cayly are talking all about identity and how it changes over time. They discuss their experiences of getting older, how they’ve had to let go of old identities along the way, and ways in which this process has been challenging for them personally.


They also talk about the role social media plays in how we establish our identities and define ourselves over time, and the importance of not depending upon outside validation to determine your worth in the world.


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Highlights from this episode:


- Cayly’s existential crisis about her age

- How Tracey feels about turning 50 and Cayly feels about turning 40, and why Cayly never thought she would make it to 40

- Thirty Something (

- What makes Tracey and Cayly feel old

- How Cayly feels about her grey hair

- Working out differently as we get older and Cayly’s experience letting go of her identity as a competitive athlete

- Intrepid Athletics PDX (

- The relationship between ego and identity

- Are we using things outside ourselves to establish who we are?

- What identities are Tracey and Cayly learning to let go of?

- Are we afraid to let go of outdated identities?

- Messages Tracey and Cayly both got about their external appearance determining their value

- Tracey’s shift in sexual identity in her 40s

- Self-worth and intelligence and/or academic performance

- The role of social media in establishing and curating our identities

- Our identities as brands

- Episode on social media

- Joe Rogan & Sebastian Junger on social media (

- Projecting identities onto other people

-Evolving as individuals through partnership

- Values and core identities

- Grieving old identities and how serious injury or illness can shift your identity

- And more!



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