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Curious and Curiouser Podcast

Jan 1, 2019

Happy New Year, y’all! For this week’s episode of the podcast, Tracey and Cayly are doing a bit of a year in review and talking about how they are approaching intention-setting this year.


Specific topics include:

- What’s something you’ve done this year that would surprise the you of the previous year?

- More subtle indicators of growth and celebrating our evolution

- Recognizing non-tangible accomplishments

- Do we plan to set in intentions this year?

- Alternatives to resolutions or intentions

- Cardiovascular health, heart rate variability (, and emotional health

- Allowing yourself to be the villain in someone else’s story

- What we’re focusing on this year

- How we’ve both changed our approach to fitness and movement

- What do we think about aesthetic goals?

- Aging and why we don’t like the term “anti-aging”

- Our thoughts on diet- and exercise-related goals

- Letting go of our egos in the gym

- How Tracey and Cayly make changes to their diets

- Cayly’s experience cutting out alcohol

- The benefits of experimenting on yourself

- Using intentions or resolutions as a way to gather information about yourself

- And more!


Tracey and Cayly hope you find this conversation helpful and that it offers some useful insights you can apply to your own intention-setting process this year.


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